For the people of all ages,
to live more mindful & healthier lives
SHRI MADHAVLAL MALPANI YOGA & NATUROPATHY CENTRE is both a hospital for treating diseases, and a retreat centre to orient your thinking to lead a natural and ‘Satvik’ life. The aim of hospital is not only to provide relief or to cure your ailments but also to educate to follow a simple, regulated, natural life style for maintaining good health throughout. Giving up vices and incorrect habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, chewing betel leaf, Zarda, tobacco, pan masala etc. and on the other hand, eating restrictedly, not only during your stay in the Hospital but also at home, will go a long way in attaining a good health.
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Yoga is because occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can procure him some
great pleasure take a trivial example us ever undertakes physical exercise.
Yoga Advantages
Increased flexibility
Improved Muscle Strength and Toning
Cardio and Circulatory Health
Drains lymphs and increases immunity
Regulates hormonal balance
Helps achieve mental stability
If you pray to God with all your heart,

(dropping the sorrow which simply means hanging onto the past) then

whatever you desire will be given to you.

Shri Ravi ShankarjiTamil Nadu, India
Yoga is a light, which once lit never dims.

The better you practice, the brighter your flame!


BKS Iyenger
You have to find your own tricks.

Bury your mind deep in your heart, and watch the body move by itself.

Sri Dharma Mittra
Remedy of all illnesses lies in Yoga and a healthy natural lifestyle!
Swami Ramdev BabaHaryana, India
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